Our Services At Shark Motorcycles 

Shark Motorcycles offer a comprehensive range of garage services to accompany our custom motorbike builds, sales and shop. 
whilst we have listed our services, there isn’t much we cant fix or repair so our best advice is to call us on 01432 376767 to get some advice. As a list for a quick reference – Our services include. 

Motorcycle parts tested in the MOT

These are some of the important parts of your motorcycle that will be checked in the MOT.

shark motorbike MOT's

Shark Motorcycles Hereford offer a full ride in, ride out motorcycle tyre fitting service at our fully equipped centre in Hereford.
Our fixed charges are all listed in store so please call us or email us for booking information.

When it’s time to ride, you don’t want your battery to hold you back. Shark Motorcycles Hereford will only offer the best replacement motorcycle batteries from today’s leading brands, including Scorpion, BMW, Harley, Honda, Yamaha, Yuasa and Odyssey. We keep our inventory stocked, so you’re always able to get the motorcycle battery you need when you need it & at a price you can afford.

Is the process of complete removal of a wide variety of contaminates from objects including carburettors by high frequency sound waves. These non-audible sound waves create a scrubbing action to effectively remove scale from carburettors. Contaminate removal includes stale fuel residue, sediment, grease and many other substances.

An Interim Service Consists of a Change of Oil and Filter Plus Chain Adjustment & Lubrication as well as a Thorough Inspection of Virtually all the Items Covered in a Full Service – Almost Everything we Can Check Without Actually Dismantling Your Vehicle.

Advised – 6000-12000 Miles or An Annual Service
Engine & Carburettor & Fule Injection System Check, Balance & Adjust (if required)
Thorough Check of your Valve Clearances
 Oil change
New Oil Filter – OE specification
New Air Filter – OE Specification
Spark Plugs
Coolant Replacement


On all Major Servicing, it is Necessary to Check and Adjust the Valve Clearances on Your Motorcycle. Items like, Steering Head Bearings and Rear Swinging Arm Bearings, Wheel Bearings need to be Inspected as well. This is in Addition to Everything you can Expect from the Full Service.

Complete Detailed Chassis Check


  • Brake Callipers Removed & Cleaned
  • Brake Pistons Degreased
  • Brake Linings Checked

Hydraulic Fluid System Flushed
All Levers & Pivots Cleaned and Lubricated
Throttle & Clutch Adjustment
 General Lubrication and Inspection
 Tyre Pressures Checked and Adjusted
 Chain Adjustment and Lubrication
 All Lights Checked

We stock and supply a vast range of clothing and accessories from ARMR

Come and visit our showroom where you will find an impressive range of products, alternatively follow the link below and browse through the ARMR range before you visit us. 

Carburettor Balancing

Carburettor balancing on multi-carb, multi-cylinder engines is very important. Each carb must supply the same amount of mixture (fuel and air mixed) for the engine to run smoothly, develop good power, and maintain fuel economy. Shark Motorcycles Hereford have the perfect facilities and equipment to ensure you are getting the most from your motorcycle.

Engine Rebuilds

Engines have to be rebuilt for a variety of reasons: to replace worn or damaged parts, as part of planned maintenance, or for tuning, or upgrading. Carrying out a planned engine rebuild is not beyond the experienced owner/mechanic with good quality tools, a workshop, and the guidance of a quality work shop manual but we understand that not many people are this skilled, have time or space!!! Shark Motorcycles Hereford have and facilities and equipment to completely rebuild your motorbikes engine to the highest standards.

Custom Fabrications
Giving Shark Motorcycles Hereford are custom fabrication specialists. We can cope with all aspects of custom bike fabrication including…
  • Full custom bike fabrications service

  • Trike frame building services

  • Complete seat fabrication

  • Wideglide yokes

In fact any sort of one off machining or fabrication.

Spare Parts

We stock and supply a vast range of standard and custom spares and accessories from genuine Japanese parts to aftermarket Harley accessories.

We also stock and supply replacement:

  • Fork tubes

  • Brake discs

  • Brake pads

  • Braided brake hoses

  • Exhausts

  • Batteries

  • Tyres

  • Performance and custom parts

  • Helmets (with or without integrated Bluetooth)

  • Gloves and much more